Monday, October 16, 2017

Not Participating

So at 26th August there was this event at my school called 'World Tournament'. I'm really excited for it because they have unique theme and we have to dress up according to the theme. This year's theme was pirate. I think I went to overboard with my preparations to the point that I borrowed my friend's cosplaying properties such as sword and eyepatch. After I got everything set I decided to sleep early, hoping that my flu will get better the next day.

But it almost seemed like God didn't want me to go, the next day I woke up with nasty pounding on my head. It hurts so much that I can't walk without teetering around. My mom helped me reach our dinner table and gave me some medicine. I rested the whole day and the day after. Even so, at Monday my condition is still kind of bad.

And my mother took a photo of me because I told her I need to write a journal about why didn't I go. Here it is!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Her Holiday Plans

Saskia : So, end semester break is coming. Do you have any plans, Lubba?
Lubba : Of course I am. My family is planning to go to Jogjakarta for the next holiday.
Saskia : Wow, sounds cool. Everyone in your family is going?
Lubba : I don't know yet, because my oldest sister is at Banjarmasin.
Saskia : That's kinda unfortunate... But how will you go there, though? Plane? Train? Car? I mean, a family road trip sounds nice, right?
Lubba : Well, I think we'll be going by car. But I'm not really sure. There is a big chance that we will go by train, too.
Saskia : Mmm, both are nice. You can enjoy a whole lot of family time using car. But you could also meet new friends if you go by train. Talking about train, aren't they usually full on holidays?
Lubba : They sure is. Maybe I have to go buy the tickets earlier.
Saskia : Great planning! But when will you go there, though? Right when the break started? And how much time will you spend there?
Lubba : Maybe from the first day of holiday. And we will spend five days there at most.
Saskia : Five days? That's a long time! Had any interesting places to check out already?
Lubba : Well, the problem is I do not actually want to go there. My wishlist for holiday is going to Singapore. But my mom said that she doesn't have that much money to go there. So I think I'll just enjoy the holiday no matter what.
Saskia : Oh... That's so sad. But you're right. Holiday is there for you to release stress. Not to make you more depressed. You could check out some nice destinations online!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Mr. God's Hand

   I am going to share an experience of mine, and wherever you are Mr. God's Hand, I'm still really thankful of what you did.

   So it happened when I was on a group vacation in Bali around five years ago, I'm a fifth grader at the time. My mother's boss gave her workers a free vacation. The best of all, they are allowed to bring their family! We went to Bali with a bus, visiting a lot of other places on the way. I managed to get my hands on a whole lot of traditional cuisines around Central Java, East Java and of course Bali. It makes me really happy and excited for our main activities.

   If I am correct, we spent two days on the road and four days and three nights in Bali. We went to a restaurant in the first day morning. I forgot what the restaurant name was, but I remember how good their sate lilit is and how we could see Lake Batur and Trunyan Village trough the windows. I ate a whole lot of food because it was just so good until my stomach hurts.

   Honestly, I don't really remember how everything went. I forgot a lot of things easily, but I could tell you how amazing and mystical night performance of Kecak Dance and how touching Barong Dance was. And their seafood was just heavenly, even though seafood from my hometown are much much better. We also bought a bunch of souvenirs like sea shell necklaces and bracelets, t-shirts and of course foods!!!!!

   We went to a beach that isn't Kuta at some point and played some water sports. Because my uncle is from Bali, he is fluent in Balinese local language and we got some discount for that. I still don't understand how this 'price-cut-for-locals' works until today, honestly.

   This is where one of the problems start. I really feel confident with my swimming skills. I could at least keep myself afloat until someone came to save me or something. So, I asked to ride the banana boat with their normal speed. Yeah, they gave us a choice of slow, normal and the last is what I would like to call extreme speed. Being a stubborn kid I am, I refused to ride with the 'wimps' in their slow speed. But really, I don't know what happened but I ended up falling from the banana boat in the middle of the ride. And somehow I went into a shock and almost drowned. My mind turned into a jumbled mess, all I could think was 'ASDFGHJKL I'm drowning blhurguvbdjkcufhu' and everything around that.

   And then, here comes Mr. God's Hand. I don't really know his name, but he's either my mom's colleagues or one of my mom's colleagues little brother or son. He looked fairly young though, around sixteen or seventeen. He pulled me up effortlessly and just swam to the shore like he owned the sea. But really, what makes me really sad is the fact that he. is. so. tall. Yeah, after being saved that is the first thing that crossed my mind. I couldn't even thank him properly due to the fact that I am so embarrassed. I mean, I brought this fate upon myself and I was told I might fall. The embarrassment is overwhelming I might cry.

   When we finally finished the tour around Bali, we were back on the road again, and let's welcome the second problem!! Yay!!

   So we used a bus, right? And somewhere before we reached Malioboro these group of retarded, uncultured and barbaric humans threw what I suspected is rock to one of the bus windows and just sped past. More unfortunately, I sat in the area of that window. I might get a lot of cuts and maybe even impaled by the shards, but once again Mr. God's Hand came to the rescue.

   He brought this leather jacket with him. Either it's reflexes or just instinct, he threw that piece of clothing toward me. It protected me from the glass shards, and I was unharmed!

Really, I can't thank you enough Mr. God's Hand.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Conversation With A New Friend

Saskia : Hey, I see your phone wallpaper is Kageyama. Do you watch Haikyuu! too?
Lubba : Yes, I love Haikyuu!!
Saskia : Which means we can be good friends! By the way, I'm Saskia Clarannisa. What's your name?
Lubba : I am Lubba Ailati. I'm from Al-Masoem Junior High. How about you?
Saskia : I'm from 7 Junior High School! Back to the topic, who's your favorite character in Haikyuu!?
Lubba : I love everyone, I can't choose!
Saskia : I know right? They are all so precious!
Lubba : So you can't choose too?
Saskia : Well, duh.
Lubba : Other than that, what do you like to do?
Saskia : I really love writing and reading. Oh! Singing and listening to music too. And you?
Lubba : I love listening to music, singing, reading and fangirling hahahaha.
Saskia : Well, the last one is relatable. I also like playing games. Do you like games?
Lubba : I do play games, but... not a fan.
Saskia : Doesn't matter. Games are for fun, right? So as long as you are happy, keep on playing!~
Lubba : Uh-huh. What kind of music are you listening to?
Saskia : I don't listen to one genre in particular. If a song is good, then it is. And it will join my playlist for sure.
Lubba : We are on the same boat. Recently, I really love Wanna One and AKMU.
Saskia : Wait you are into K-Pop too? Whoah, I like AKMU too. My favorite song is Melted.
Lubba : I love AKMU's Play Ugly. The song's is so catchy, playful, and the lyric is interesting too! Especially, it really suited their image.
Saskia : Oh, the bell rings! We should go to class. What class are you?
Lubba : I'm at X Science 8.
Saskia : Hey, that's my class too! Let's go there together.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Introducing The Writer

Normally, I am going to say hello.

But for me, this is not quite normal so I will say, or rather write, "Hey, what's up?" instead. Here I go everyone!


But turns out it is even weirder to hear, in this case it's see, someone you don't know saying that. So I am going to introduce myself! Why? It is mostly because you guys are going to read my writings a lot. And by a lot I mean A WHOLE LOT. You all see how dramatic I wrote that? Good, because it is going to be very dramatic indeed. I am a writer trying to be productive, so bear with me!

I will start with name. You see, my name is Saskia Clarannisa. My parents said it means a woman that shines as bright as the moon. Hence the blog address. But according to my research at the internet Saskia actually mean a Saxon woman or knife, these two from Dutch origin, or protector of mankind, this one is Slavic. The Clara part is actually right, it means bright or clear in Latin. Meanwhile, the Annisa part is taken from Arabic word for woman. And then my parents mixed things up to form my name. Boom, finished.

If you can guess where I live from my name, I will give you a virtual cookie! If you can't, I will still give you a virtual cookie because I'm nice!

So I live in Indonesia, or Balinesia if you don't recognize the first name I told you. Indonesia is this massive, beautiful, tropical country in Asia! To be more specific, I live in Bandung, West Java. My country is famous for it's culture and panorama. If you haven't visited Indonesia, give us a shot! You are going to enjoy it so much to the point of craving another visit.

I was born at 25th March 2002 at Tanjungpinang, Riau Archipelago. I am currently 15 years old. Which means either I am a student or I am smart enough to be working right now. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, I am the former. This blog is actually an English project of mine. But do not fret! I am going to upload periodically, too. So I am a student, right. And I am currently studying in one of the best high schools in Indonesia. I am not bragging, I warn you, because entering this school took up a lot of effort! What school did I mean? You can check it out for yourself here.

I really, as in really, like reading, writing, watching TV series and a lot more! I also love doing sprint. I have a lot of favorites and maybe I will write some of the things I like to read or watch or write. Here we go!

  1. Rick Riordan's works.
  2. Supernatural TV Series.
  3. Fantasy and sci-fi books.
  4. Anime and manga.
  5. Marvel and DC.
  6. J.K. Rowling's works.
  7. Myths, ranging from Greek to Indonesian.
  8. History.

If I am allowed to, I'm going to write a lot of retell story and poems here. I have a funny writing style and I believe you guys are going to enjoy it a lot.

So that's it from me... For now!